Have you been suffering from breakouts and cant seem to find a product that helps to prevent them. Well then, today I am going to discuss with you the benefits of sulfur soap as it is the most effective acne treatment advised by dermatologists throughout the world when it comes to treating acne.


What is sulfur soap?

It is a bar of soap that consists of sulphur powder (10% approx) which has anti inflammatory and detoxifying properties

How it cures acne?

It has a drying effect which helps with oiliness

Promotes shedding of skin which leads to fading of acne marks quickly

Also unclogs pores which is a major cause for acne

Promotes shedding of skin which leads to fading of acne marks quickly

Also unclogs pores which is a major cause for acne

How to use it?

I would recommend to lather and leave it on your face for at least a minute before IMG_20160428_140544_wmrinsing it off so as to let it work


Since it has drying property people with dry skin should avoid using it and if they do use it then they should moisturize well afterwards

It works well for mild to moderate acne but people suffering from severe acne should opt for stronger treatments


Any person who has allergy from sulphur or its products should not use it

Any product that you apply onto your face for fist time should be tested on a small patch of your skin first to make sure of its safety

My experience with it

there are very few products  out there which actually prove effective for treating my mild (but very persistent) acne and God forbid once they appear it literally takes months for the scars to disappear.

This soap does slightly dries up my skin but nothing that can’t be managed by a good moisturizer.

Although there are many brands available in the market but I always try to get my hands on Dr Wong’s medicinal sulfur soap. It is very affordable and suits me very well. It is quite cheap as well compared to other brands (I mean once I couldnt find this soap so i bought another brand one whose name i dont remember now.. but that soap cost me around 40 dirhams and still was unable to control acne ) whereas this soap i bought from Dubai  for 10 dirhams only.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I have bought this product from my own money and all opinions expressed are solely mine!!!

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  1. Iqran says:

    Very informative post. I have been suffering from acne recently. Will definitely try this. Thank you.


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