So many facial and skin products available in the market and majority of them contain hyaluronic acid as a main ingredent. But what is hyaluronic acid? What are its uses and why should we purchase products with hyaluronic acid in them?


Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our body and present in large quantities in our skin keeping it moisturized, elastic and firm.


If it occurs in our body naturally then why do we need to apply it externally? The answer is simple. Like many other things hyaluronic acid is also present in our bodies in abundant quantities when we are born but as we age it becomes less and less. Hence the super soft baby skin becomes drier and less firmer as we grow older leading to wrinkles and saggy skin.


The quantity of hyaluronic acid present in skincare products and skin filler injections are completely safe but as a precaution do always test any product that you use for the first time for allergies ( better safe than sorry!!)



For wrinkles or saggy skin nothing works better than hyaluronic acid injections as sreums and lotions can help prevent their formation but not completely stop or fade them

If you have oily or combination skin then simply a light moisturizer containig 0.5 – 1% of hyaluronic acid is sufficient enough

If you have dry skin then you are more easily susceptible to wrinkles and other signs of aging, hence it is better if you use 1% hyaluronic acid serum  followed by hyaluronic acid moisturizer


All in all hyaluronic acid is a great beauty ingredient for all skin types with minimal to none side effects



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